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26-Nov-2017 05:34

Queen’s Park has been busy looking for ways to lower hydro bills for irate ratepayers, ​but it has missed the elephant in the room — the Pickering nuclear plant.​ Pickering was initially planned to close in 2020, but Ontario Power Generation (OPG) — the provincially owned generation company — is now proposing to spend more than 0 million to keep four of plant’s units running until 2024 and two until 2022.While OPG and the province’s energy planning agency say that keeping the reactors running for four more years will be a net benefit to ratepayers, those “benefits” are built on sand.But a welter of laws, many of them tweaked after the Snowden revelations, govern the distribution of any information that is acquired by such surveillance. But if the analyst listening to Kislyak’s call hears someone identify himself as an agent of the U. At this stage, the actual audio of the call and any transcript would be considered “Raw FISA-acquired information,” and its distribution would be highly restricted.And this is where it’s highly relevant that this scandal was started by the public leaking of information about Mike Flynn’s involvement in the monitoring of Kisylak. At the NSA, not more than 40 or so analysts or senior managers would be read into the classification sub-sub compartment that contains it, called RAGTIME-A, B, C D or P, where each letter stands for one of five different categories of foreign intelligence. 30, a day after sanctions were levied against people that the Russian ambassador knew – namely, spies posing as diplomats. C.’s future NDP government laid out its ambitious agenda Tuesday, full of promises that could fundamentally alter the province’s political landscape and scuttle two of the defining megaprojects of Premier Christy Clark’s critically weakened Liberal administration.NDP Leader John Horgan and Green Leader Andrew Weaver signed a power-sharing agreement in the reception hall of the legislature, formalizing a deal that gives them a razor-thin 44-seat majority of votes in the 87-seat legislature, and a commitment to topple the Liberal government on a confidence vote at the first opportunity, likely in the next few weeks.None of Pickering’s other four reactors land in the top half of the table.

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Two of Pickering’s six reactors rank dead last on a key performance measure known as the “unit capability factor,” which measures the amount of power a generator produces compared to its nameplate generation. Yardley was also president and chief executive officer of El Paso Pipeline GP Company LLC, the general partner of El Paso Pipeline Partners, L. He was executive vice president of El Paso Corporation and president of its pipeline group from 2006 to 2012. He is a director of the National Forest Foundation.The 10-page accord that united the Greens and NDP contains almost three dozen promises for a four-year term in office.

It puts into serious question the future of the -billion Site C dam and the .5-billion bridge to replace the Massey tunnel.

The who, what, where, and why of the Trump administration’s first major scandal — Michael Flynn’s ignominious resignation on Monday as national security adviser — have all been thoroughly discussed.

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